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  • 2019 Fellowship for Field Research
  • 2018-07-11

2019 Fellowship for Field Research



Program Outline



For the purpose of promoting overseas research in Korean studies, the Korea Foundation offers program support for the Fellowship for Field Research to provide eminent overseas Korean studies scholars and experts in relevant fields with the opportunity to conduct onsite field research in Korea and access relevant resource materials. 

Eligible Applicants



Overseas researchers of comparative/case studies in Korean studies or Korea-related areas in the field of humanities or social sciences who fall under one of the following criteria:




Doctoral candidates who have completed their requisite coursework and are in the process of writing their doctoral dissertation


- Full-time lecturers or researchers with experience in teaching or research at a university or research institute

- Assistant/associate/full professors or individuals currently in a professional/

  research field (PhD degree holders only)










 Although the fields of natural science, engineering and medical science are excluded, research topics that are closely related to Korea and recognized as important new areas of study, such as a fusion of Korean studies in the humanities/social sciences/culture & arts and the excluded fields, may be accepted. 


Number of Selected Fellows



Approx. 30 per year

Terms and Details of Program Support




Monthly Stipend

Miscellaneous Support

Type A

KRW 2,300,000

① Travel insurance coverage

② Initial settlement support

(one-time payment): 

    KRW 1,000,000 for

tenured associate professors;

    KRW 1,500,000 for

tenured full professors

Type B

KRW 3,000,000

 We provide airfare support for applicants residing in the countries listed in the attached file.

Fellowship Period



The field research period should take place between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

Duration: 1 month (minimum) to 12 months (maximum)

The length of the fellowship period is to be determined by the applicant.

However, it may be adjusted according to the review by the KF reviewing committee.

The start date of the fellowship period should be no later than November 30, 2019.

Program Schedule



   Application Period: July 12 to August 31, 2018

   Notification of Results: December 2018

      Notification date is subject to change without prior notice

Required Documents



Applicant Type

Documents to be Submitted

Type A

1. Application form (Download available at the KF Application Portal)

2. Curriculum vitae (including the applicant’s signature)

3. Research proposal (free format, 5-10 pages)

4. Proposal for cooperative research with a Korean scholar

5. Two letters of reference

①   Head of the applicant’s institution (university president, dean, department chair,

institute director, etc.)

②   Dissertation supervisor in applicant’s country of residence

6. Evidence of current employment or enrollment  (official letter/certificate)

7. Graduate school (MA & PhD) transcripts

8. Copy of the most recently obtained academic degree

9. Certificate of coursework completion

Type B

1. Application form (Download available at the KF Application Portal)

2. Curriculum vitae (including the applicant’s signature)

3. Research proposal (free format, 5-10 pages)

4. Proposal for cooperative research with a Korean scholar

5. Two letters of reference

① Head official of the applicant’s institution (university president, dean, department

        chair, institute director)

② An individual capable of evaluating the applicant’s lecture/research proposal

(expert or professor of applicant’s country of residence)

6. Copy of the most recently obtained academic degree

7. Evidence of current employment (official letter/certificate)


How to Apply



Applications should be submitted via the KF Online Application System



of Fellows




Provision of incentive


All fellows are required to submit a final report on their research (in thesis format) in accordance with the KF standard report form before the conclusion of the fellowship period

PhD dissertation must be completed and PhD degree must be obtained within 2 years after the fellowship period.

The publication must contain that KF supported research.


For publication of an article in an A&HCI/SSCI/SCOPUS journal within two years after the conclusion of the fellowship period → USD 1,200


For publication of a monograph within three years year after the conclusion of the fellowship period → USD 2,200.


Must publish an article in an academic journal registered in A&HCI/SSCI/SCOPUS, Korea Research Foundation or that is officially registered at a country’s ministry of education (within 2 years after the fellowship period) or a monograph (within 3 years after the fellowship period).


The Korea Foundation will monitor research progress annually for three years following the conclusion of the fellowship

       period. Fellows who do not fulfill their responsibilities will not be eligible for future support from the Korea Foundation.

Important Reminders on Fellowship



1. Applicants must be able to conduct their research in Korean or English.

  2. For Korean nationals, only those who have acquired citizenship or permanent residency status in a foreign country are eligible

       to apply.

     3. Individuals under the following circumstances are not eligible for consideration:

       ① Those who currently study or conduct research in Korea

       ② Those who seek to improve their Korean language ability or to become a regular student at a university in Korea

       ③ Those who received KF Field Research Fellowship support or research grants from other Korean institutions within the

                past three years

  4. The fellowship period approved by the KF may differ from the applicant’s proposed schedule.

  5. Accommodations and research facilities should be arranged by fellows in cooperation with their affiliated research institute.

      ( KF does not provide any accommodation.)

  6. Fellows must have completed literature review in their home countries and begun writing the thesis after coming to Korea for

       the fellowship period.

  7. Fellows may not receive concurrent support from other KF programs or other organizations in Korea during  the fellowship

       period. Should it become known that a fellow is receiving concurrent support; the Korea Foundation’s support will be cancelled


8.  The letter of reference: The link which has the reference form and upload will be sent to referees when the applicant submits

       the application.

9. All personal information contained in the application form will only be used for program purposes. By submitting your application you agree to the collection of your personal information by the KF.

Further Inquiries



     Program Inquiries:

KF Help Desk:

* For questions regarding the online application system, please select ‘Help Desk’ from the top menu on the KF Online

   Application System or contact

Please read all the information carefully before making inquiries.


Posted on July 12, 2018



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