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  • 2019 Support for Policy Oriented Research Program
  • 2018-07-12

Program Outline

The KF’s Support for Policy-Oriented Research Program provides grant support to encourage research projects or programs that provide in-depth analyses and policy recommendations on political, social, and economic issues revolving around East Asia and including Korea


Overseas research institutes (think-tanks) and/or research institutions within a university

Supported Areas

1. Policy research on Korean and East Asian issues

- Example of major topics

*Issues on the Korean Peninsula (Peacebuilding, Denuclearization, Unification, Security, Economy)

*Social values (Human Rights, Environment, Democracy, Civil Society, Gender Equality, Job Creation, Welfare).

2. Training program for next generation policy experts with expertise in South Korea and East Asia

 - Proposed program should include workshop, and/or roundtable
 3. Establishment of a Korea Policy Chair/Fellow Position or Center which focuses on Korea-related research

Grant Coverage

Costs for the project expense, researcher (staff) salary and/or indirect cost

* Indirect costs can be requested up to 10% of the total grant amount

Grant Period

The KF normally considers projects with a grant period of one year. However, multi-year projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis, if the overall budget and schedule are justified by the work plan and content.

Program Schedule

1. Application Period: July 12 (00:00 KST) to August 31, 2018 (18:00 KST)
2. Notification of Results: prior to December 31, 2018 (Result notification will be done on an individual basis.)

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via the KF Online Application System (

 ※ The application must be written in English and the budget should be computed in US dollars.

 ※ Please answer all the questions on the application. If the section is not applicable, please write “N/A”.

 ※ Application Sections

  1. Applicant Institution Information

  2. Proposal

  3. Project Budget

  4. Attachments

    - Curriculum Vitae of Project Director and Member(s)

    - Annual Report/Brochure of the Applicant Institution

Evaluation Criteria

1. Relevance and timeliness of the research topic and related activities
2. Capability of participants and their experience in terms of achievements and activities related to Korea and East Asia;
 - Partnership with a Korean research institute or researcher
 - Participations of a prominent researcher or government officials related to the research topic
3. Thoroughness and feasibility of the work plan including research methodology and approaches
4. Soundness and cost efficiency of the project budget and funding plans
 - Visible efforts to receive matching funds for the proposed project
5. Anticipated results of the proposed project and plans for dissemination of research results
 - Plan to publish a book
 - Organization of at least one event (workshop, international conference, etc.) for the purpose of publicizing/disseminating research results


The recipient institution is required to submit the following reports within the grant period:

1. Summarized final report (KF form)

2. Detailed project report (free format)

3. Financial report (Endorsed by institution’s highest financial officer, KF form)

4. Related Outcomes (Books, articles, etc.)

Important Reminders

1. The application is required to be submitted under the name of the endorsing overseas institution.

2.  The institution applying for the program should notify the KF of any change to the information contained in the original plan after its submission.

3.  The KF, in the process of screening applications, may require an applicant institution to submit additional information or adjust the project plan.

4.  After notifying applicants of the results, the KF will discuss the details of each project and its budget with the respective recipient institution and conclude the grant letter.

5. After the conclusion of the grant letter, the KF’s grant will be remitted to the institution. The KF grant must be received and managed by an overseas institution.

6.  The project should be carried out according to the schedule and plans specified in the application. If the project must be postponed or canceled for unavoidable reasons, the institution should consult with the KF.


For inquiries about the program: +82-64-804-1130

For technical assistance:


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