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  • 2018 Dispatch of Visiting Professor (For Universities Only)
  • 2017-06-30
  • Application Period 2017-07-01 12:00:00 ~ 2017-09-08 12:00:00
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2018 Dispatch of Visiting Professor 

(For Universities Only)  


Program Outline


Under this program, the Korea Foundation dispatches visiting professors of relevant fields to universities abroad that are planning to expand their pool of offered Korean language or Korean studies courses but are currently experiencing difficulty in staffing their faculty with adequately qualified candidates.


Eligible Applicants


Universities abroad that currently operate or plan to launch an education and research program in Korean language or Korean studies


Eligible Areas


Korean language and/or Korean studies (humanities, social sciences)

Support Period


One to two years (Korean studies: One year / Korean language: Up to two years)


Responsibilities of the Host Institution


1. The host institution must assist with procedures for KF visiting professors to enter the country and other formalities such as the issuance of visas, resident certificates, and work permits.
2. The host institution is responsible for providing KF visiting professors with housing, office/research space, a computer, and other items of office equipment.


Details of Support for Visiting Professor


Living allowance, round-trip airfare, travel insurance, etc.


Program Schedule


1. Application Period: July 1 to September 8, 2017 (Deadline: September 8, 12:00 noon KST)

2. Notification of Results: December 2017 (subject to change without prior notice)

3. The grant period starts in the following academic year.


Required Documents


1. Online application

2. Supplementary materials (to be uploaded with the online application)

Curriculum for Korean language/Korean studies program (if applicable)

Curriculum vitae of the project director


How to Apply


All required documents must be submitted in Korean or English via the KF Application Portal (


Evaluation Criteria


1. Is the plan well-organized enough to achieve its stated objectives? Is the applicant institution committed to fostering the development of a Korean studies or Korean language program? Does the applicant institution have a long-term plan for enhancing education/research on Korean studies or Korean language at the university?


2. Considering the applicant institution's reputation and its prior accomplishments/experience in the field of Korean studies, is the applicant institution's ability adequate to implement the program?


3. Is the expected outcome and goal feasible?


Important Reminders


1. Notification of Changes to the Project: An applicant institution must notify the Foundation of any changes, including postponement and/or cancellation, made to the project plan after it is submitted.


2. Revision of the Project Plan: The Foundation, when deemed necessary, may request an applicant institution to revise or supplement its project plan.


3. Agreement: Through mutual discussion, the Foundation and the recipient institution enter into an agreement, which includes the details of the Foundation’s support and the recipient institution’s obligations.


4. Submission of Report: Recipient institutions are required to submit a project report and student evaluations of each course taught by the visiting professor to the Foundation at the end of each semester during the grant period. The KF report forms will be provided. 


Contact Information


Korean Studies Department (

Inquiries about the KF Application Portal (




*Posted on June 30, 2017



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