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  • 2018 KF Support for Policy-Oriented Research Program
  • 2017-06-28

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l Program Outline

   The KF’s Support for Policy-Oriented Research Program provides grant support for research projects and programs for next-generation policy

   experts, contributing to in-depth analyses of global issues and policy recommendations on political, social, economic and security issues related to

   Korea and East Asia as a whole.


l Eligibility

   Overseas Public Policy Institutes


l Supported Fields

   1. Policy research on Korean and East Asian issues

   2. Training programs for next-generation policy experts specializing in South Korea and East Asia

       * May include workshops, discussion groups, study tours and field research

   3. Establishment of a Korea (policy) chair or center focusing on Korea-related research


l Costs Supported Under Program

   The KF supports costs directly related to research activities.

   The KF will further support indirect costs amounting to 10% or less of the total grant amount


l Grant Period

   The KF normally considers projects with a grant period of one year.

   However, multi-year projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis, if the overall budget and schedule are justified by the work plan and


   The KF will support projects with a maximum grant period of three years, during which assistance for subsequent years will be subject to project

   outcomes and performance from the previous year.


l Program Schedule

   1. Application period: July 1 to August 31, 2017

   2. Notification of results: December 2017 (Result notification will be conducted on an individual basis)


l Required Documents

   1. Online Application

   2. Supplementary materials (to be uploaded with the online application)

       - Proposal

       - Introductory materials on the applying institute (for newly applying institutions only)

       - Recent annual report

       - CVs of project director and major project participants


l How to Apply

   Applications should be submitted through the KF Application Portal (


l Evaluation Criteria

   1. Excellence of proposal

   2. Eligibility of applicants

   3. Soundness of budget planning

   4. Expected outcomes


l Grant-end Report

   The recipient institution is required to submit the following reports within one month of the completion of the project:

     1. Summarized final report (KF form)

     2. Final report

     3. Financial report (endorsed by institution's highest financial officer, KF form)


l Important Reminders

   1. The application is required to be submitted under the name of the overseas institution by the specified due date.

       * The overseas institution may partner with a Korean research institute or researcher for the project.

   2. The institution applying for the program should notify the KF of any change to the information contained in the original plan after its


   3. The KF, in the process of screening applications, may require an application institution to submit additional information or adjust its

       project plan.

   4. After notifying applicants of the results, the KF will discuss the details and budget of each project with the respective recipient

       institution and sign the grant agreement. The KF will remit the grant to the institution in pursuant to the grant agreement.

   5. The project should be carried out in accordance with the schedule and plan specified in the application.

       If the project must be postponed or canceled for unavoidable reasons, the institution should consult with the KF.


l Contact

   Global Networking Department

   T. +82.2.2046.8646


   * For technical support, please contact

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